“Experienced couple takes command of Lebanon Salvation Army” – The Lebanon Daily News

“Captains Ernesto and Amy Portillo come from Coatesville”

salvation army commandersThe Salvation Army’s Capt. Ernesto Portillo talks about his new posting. He has come with his wife, fellow Cap. Amy Portillo, and their four children. (PHOTOS: Earl Brightbill and John Latimer— Lebanon Daily News)

by John Latimer | Lebanon Daily News

The hallways at Lebanon Salvation Army headquarters are a hive of activity in the afternoons, usually filled with the sounds of dozens of children attending the after-school program and the echoes of a basketball game coming from the gym where dozens more are playing.

Along with the noise, delicious smells fill the hallways of the building at 1031 Guilford Street, wafting from the kitchen where a handful of dedicated volunteers prepare a nutritious dinner that will soon be eaten by those hungry kids.

In short, it seems like nothing has changed at the Salvation Army during the summer. But that’s not the case.

While the corps’ many programs, including its Second Harvest food distribution, computer tutoring and Sunday Worship services are still operating smoothly, they are now under the guidance of a new pair of leaders.

Click here to read this Lebanon Daily News article in its entirety.

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