PA Department of Aging reveals updated Website

new pa aging website

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging’s redesigned website is now live at its new homepage:

The new website marks a major step forward, helping us fulfill the mission to help older Pennsylvanians to age and live well. It is also part of a state government effort to upgrade and streamline state websites for a more consistent and visually appealing design with simpler navigation and enhanced search capabilities.

Hopefully you will find this new and improved resource to be helpful in connecting older Pennsylvanians to all available programs and resources. To make the site more user-friendly, the site includes a list of easy-to-reference Aging Services Website Addresses (URLs) listed below. These short links are the designated homepage for specific aging services available to older Pennsylvanians. These URLs can be used directly on any messaging or outreach materials you produce including brochures, posters and other consumer information. Below this list, there are Website Addresses (URLs) that you and other professionals and providers can access for additional resources and guidance.

Please ask your network/contacts to review any information that relates to their respective websites and publications in order to update any old website links. Don’t worry, the “old” website address ( will still redirect people to the new website for a short time but making updates now is recommended.

Any comments, questions or suggestions regarding our new website can be submitted by email to .

Aging Services Website Addresses (URLs)

Professionals and Providers Website Addresses (URLs)

·        Aging Policy & Procedure Manual

·        Aging Technical Assistance Bulletins

·        Aging Program Directives

·        Adult Day Center Licensing

·        PACE Provider Bulletins

·        Ombudsman

·        Protective Services

·        Pennsylvania Council on Aging


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