“We don’t fight poverty anymore” – The Conversation

by Lisa Dodson | The Conversation

“Fifty years ago, Lyndon Johnson spoke of war on poverty and pursuit of a great society. He talked about investing in education and employment and about eliminating social exclusion that comes with poverty.

Children of low wage U.S. federal contract workers attend a strike rally in WashingtonFederal contractors are among the working poor  | Gary Cameron/Reuters

“Above all, he pointed to opportunity for all as the backbone of a great society.

“Since then, LBJ and the social programs that emerged during that time have been justifiably criticized. Nonetheless, that period of domestic policy gave rise to a conviction that fighting poverty was a national cause because the whole society is stunted and degraded when millions of people live poor.

“Fifty years later, we don’t fight poverty anymore.

No safety nets today

“We don’t even promise to keep low-income children cared for and safe. Forget safety nets; if parents can’t buy their way out of economic harm, their kids lose – a lot.”

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