“Research shows old age is getting younger all the time” – The Conversation

Japanese climber Yuichiro Miura, 80, gestures as he speaks during an interview with Reuters in KathmanduJapanese climber Yuichiro Miura, 80, before ascending Mt. Everest for the third time. REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar

“In 1985, American Richard Bass accomplished an amazing feat. He had set for himself the task of climbing the world’s highest mountains in all seven continents. In that year, at age 55, he completed the climb of the last of his seven mountains, Mt Everest and in doing so became the first person to climb all seven mountains and the oldest person ever to successfully climb Mt Everest.

“But now Mr Bass’s record has been eclipsed.

“The oldest person to climb Mt Everest is Yuichiro Miura of Japan, who reached the summit of Mt Everest in 2013 at age 80. And the oldest person to have climbed all seven mountains in seven continents is Takao Arayama of Tanzania who climbed the last of those mountains at age 74 in 2010.

“Over time, as life expectancy increases and people become healthier, older people can do things which were previously the domain of those younger. Indeed, no one would be surprised if, within the next decade, both the above records were broken.”

Read this article at The Conversation in its entirety, click here.

And there’s this 2012 article about Lancaster Countian, Charles Zerphey.

83-year-old Charles Zerphey’s quest: To reach the highest point in every county in the US – There are 3,142 of them, and he’s well on his way

zerphyCharles Zerphey atop the high point of some New Jersey county in 2003.

“By AD CRABLE, Outdoor Trails | The Sunday News, Lancaster, PA February 10, 2012

“Charles H. Zerphey, who turns 84 on Feb. 22, likes to find high points.

“At first it was the highest place in each state. Then it was the highest place in each of Pennsylvania’s 69 counties.

“Exhausting those — except for an aborted climb of Alaska’s Mount McKinley, through no fault of his own — the retired farmer and printer is now seeking out the highest point in each county in each state.

“In case you’re wondering, there are 3,142 of them in the United States. Delaware has only three counties. Texas, ever thinking big, has 254.

“So far, Zerphey, who lives in a home his wife, Marilyn, designed and that he built on a ridge near Milton Grove, has tracked down high points in 621 counties in 13 northeastern U.S. states.

“It’s not always easy, mind you. This is such an obscure obsession that many landowners don’t even know the highest point in such-and-such county sits on their property.

“Some, Zerphey says, “are happy as a clam because they didn’t realize they lived on a highest point.”

“Others can be a tad suspicious when you knock on their door and ask to walk through their yard.

“There also are nightmares like Charles City County, Va., where the contour lines on the topographic map show some 70 different spots sharing the same elevation.

“Following County Highpointers Association rules, Zerphey walked to all 70 just to tick off one county on his list.

“Then there was Washington County, Md., where the high point just happens to be within a guarded spot near Camp David.

“Turned away the first time by guards carrying military rifles, Zerphey wouldn’t take no for an answer. He unleashed a steady stream of letters to many government officials explaining his peaceful mission. He appealed to his U.S. Rep. Joe Pitts.

To read this Sunday News article in its entirety and to see more pictures, click here.

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