“Shane Burcaw: What’s the first thing I’d do if I could walk?” – The Morning Call

Shane Burcaw is a Bethlehem local using humor to change the world. His column about life and disability in the Lehigh Valley appears occasionally in The Morning Call. Contact him: shane.burcaw@gmail.com.

shane if i could walkShane Burcaw was a familiar sight around campus during his years at Moravian College. (DONNA FISHER, THE MORNING CALL)

“In early February, I gave a talk at Clearview Elementary School to a classroom full of fifth-graders. I was there with my dad, who is the author of an awesome children’s book called ‘The Sidecar Kings.’ We were visiting the class to discuss the book and share my real-life story of disability.

“Speaking to kids is always an interesting experience, as they are still innocent enough to speak their minds regarding my disability. When speaking to these young audiences, I always wear a metaphorical helmet to guard against their uncensored questions.

“And trust me, I’ve gotten some crazy ones.

“Why can’t you pee on your own?

“What’s wrong with you?

Click here to continue reading this Shane Burcaw column in The Morning Call.

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