“Stress hormone might play a role in Alzheimer’s” – Futurity

stress hormone“These softer, non-genetic factors that may confer risk of Alzheimer’s disease are much harder to address,” says Todd Golde. “But we need more novel approaches in the pipeline than we have now.” (Credit: David Salafia/Flickr)

“Researchers have uncovered more evidence of a link between the brain’s stress response and a protein related to Alzheimer’s disease.

“A new study with a mouse model and human cells shows that a stress-coping hormone released by the brain boosts the production of protein fragments known as amyloid beta that clump together and trigger the brain degeneration that leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

“The findings contribute to further understanding the potential relationship between stress and Alzheimer’s disease, a disorder believed to stem from a mix of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors and strengthen the idea of a link between stress and Alzheimer’s disease.”

Continue reading this article at Futurity.org.

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