Women over age 50 – employment obstacles increase!

So the recent jobs report showed that “The U.S. economy added 252,000 jobs in December, as the unemployment rate fell to 5.6 percent,” according to this Huffington Post article.

job bias“People who had retired voluntarily — it turned out it wasn’t so voluntary. They felt they had been pushed out.”DailyWork.org

Yet the news in today’s Reading Eagle reports, “President Barack Obama will include a new wage insurance program in his budget next month that would provide supplements to workers who lose their jobs and end up taking new jobs at lower salaries.”

What is hidden in the jobs report is that too many people who lost employment following the economic disaster in 2008 have not recovered … their employment status; their net income levels of their employment security.

Who is counted as unemployed?

People are classified as unemployed if they do not have a job, have actively looked for work in he prior 4 weeks, and are currently available for work.

Among many demographic groups, unemployment remains quite disparate.

“For older women, a dismal job outlook” according to The New York Times, shows “More than six years after the recession ended, many women over 50 are struggling to find a secure footing in the workplace, slowing their generation-long economic advance.” Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics | By The New York Times

This PBS Newshour report, “Women over 50? Help not wanted” repeats many of the findings of the above article and is followed by numerous comments.

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