an introduction to End-of-Life University

“Statistics show that 10,000 Baby Boomers in the U.S. turn 65 every day! And the Baby Boom Generation is going to enter the later years of life differently that any previous generation. Studies predict that Baby Boomers will:

  • retire at an older age
  • live longer than any previous group
  • focus on wellness and fitness throughout their elder years
  • be financially unprepared for retirement
“And … just as Baby Boomers transformed the beginning of life with natural childbirth and home delivery, they are expected to change the end of life with ‘natural’ death, home funerals and ‘green’ burials.
End-of-Life University has been established to provide the resources and information you need to live fully, age fearlessly, and approach the last days of life with peace of mind and a sense of meaning and purpose.”
Welcome to this interview with Cheryl Jones, host of Good Grief Radio Show. We will discuss the ongoing effects of grief and loss throughout the life cycle and also grief and the LGBT community.

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