e-mail inventor dies | Ray Tomlinson, 74

at symbol

“The internet pioneer Ray Tomlinson has died, aged 74.

“He is widely regarded as the inventor of email, and is credited with putting the now iconic ‘@’ sign in the addresses of the revolutionary system.

“He could never have imagined the multitude of ways email would come to be used, abused and confused.

“Just think – right now, someone, somewhere is writing an email she should probably reconsider. Count to 10, my friend. Sleep on it.

“Another is sending an email containing brutal, heartbreaking words that, really, should be said in person… if only he had the nerve.

“And of course, a Nigerian prince is considering how best to ask for my help in spending his fortune.

“Email does curious things to us. We worry about getting emails, we worry about not getting emails.”

Read this British Broadcasting Corporation article in its entirety, click here.


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