“What Garrison Keillor’s Seizure Means to You | Many seizures are unrelated to epilepsy and may be difficult to diagnose” – next avenue

“Public radio personality and author Garrison Keillor, 73, suffered a nocturnal seizure in the Washington, D.C., area over Memorial Day weekend before performing two A Prairie Home Companion shows at Wolf Trap, according to his publicist, David O’Neill. It was his second within a year, O’Neill said.

KeillorSOURCE: A Prairie Home Companion website

“Keillor’s on the mend, but what can you learn from his seizure?

“First, some details about what happened to Keillor: He wrote on his Facebook page that after the D.C. shows, he flew to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. That’s where doctors performed an MRI that showed a ‘black hole’ where a 2009 stroke had hit close to the brain’s language center, the Associated Press reported.

“Keillor said he was prescribed anti-convulsant medication that makes him feel lethargic, but that his few remaining A Prairie Home Companion shows will go on, the AP said. ‘There are no plans for anything to change as far as the rest of the season,’ O’Neill said.”

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