Misdiagnosed | “Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Dementia’ Was Lyme Disease” – next avenue

“‘He was taking all these medications for things he doesn’t have, and they all have side effects,’ his wife, Lisa, told Rolling Stone.” – next avenue

There are several stories in this next avenue article about Kristofferson’s initial diagnosis.

kk lymeKris Kristofferson – Credit: kriskristofferson.com

“‘For years, songwriter and actor Kris Kristofferson was told he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or some other type of dementia. His memory was getting progressively worse.’”

Kristofferson’s misdiagnosis, mis-medication and subsequent identification and recognition of Lyme Disease is leading to a change.

Read the entire next avenue article here.

“Study Disproves Link Between Lyme Disease and Alzheimer’s”Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Misdiagnosis and taking multiple medications among older adults can create numerous adverse conditions.

“An elderly patient is also more likely to be taking a medication that has been prescribed inappropriately—one that’s unnecessary, ineffective, or potentially dangerous—and to suffer an adverse drug event (ADE).” – “Polypharmacy: Keeping the elderly safe”Modernmedicine.com

You can learn more about the effects of polypharmacy and the effects of multi-medications at a free two-hour seminar at The Long Community at Highland,  600 East Roseville Road, Lancaster, PA next Tuesday, June 28. Call 717.381.4914 to reserve to attend this FREE session.




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