“Large 2017 Medicare premium increase projected” – JustCare

medicare increase

written by Steve Findlay | JustCare.org

“Some people with Medicare could face a 20% increase in their Part B premiums in 2017 unless Congress intervenes this fall and prevents it. The warning of the increase came in late June in the annual report of the Medicare Trustees to Congress, on the financial state of the program.

“The trigger for the increase is complex but has to do in part with increasing costs in Part B, which covers doctors visits and other types of outpatient care. A 2015 law that prevented premium increases for 2016 for most people with Medicare collecting Social Security benefits is a contributing factor in the increase.

“The Trustees report indicates that up to a third of people paying $121.80 a month for Part B in 2016—up from $104.90 in 2015 for many—could see another increase to as much as $149. Congress may view that as too significant an uptick in a short period and move to limit it, especially in an election year.”

Read this JustCare article in its entirety here.


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