“Few Young Doctors Are Training To Care For U.S. Elderly” – NPR

aging docsMary Mullens, age 93, in her room at Edgewood Summit Retirement Community in Charleston, W.Va. Mullens is a patient of Dr. Todd Goldberg, one of only 36 geriatricians in the state. –Kara Lofton/West Virginia Public Broadcasting

“At Edgewood Summit retirement community in Charleston, W.Va., 93-year-old Mary Mullens is waxing eloquent about her geriatrician, Dr. Todd Goldberg.

“‘He’s sure got a lot to do,’ she says, ‘and does it so well.‘

“West Virginia has the third oldest population in the nation, right behind Maine and Florida. But Goldberg is one of only 36 geriatricians in the state.

“‘With the growing elderly population across America and West Virginia, obviously we need healthcare providers,’ says Goldberg.

“That includes geriatricians — physicians who specialize in the treatment of adults age 65 and older — as well as nurses, physical therapists, and psychologists who know how to care for this population.”

Read this article in its entirety at NPR.

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