“Navigate the Medicare and Social Security Maze | Here’s how to unravel the complicated programs” -by Jane Bryant Quinn, AARP Bulletin

navigate medicareWhen a second marriage is involved, inheritance can get sticky. Here’s what to consider when dividing property and assets. — Daniel Bejar

“When you think about retiring, where will you get health insurance? ‘Simple,’ you might reply, ‘I’ll go on Medicare.’

“Ha! Welcome to an intricate decision, especially if you (or your spouse) keep working past the usual retirement age.

“Medicare is for people 65 and up and comes in four parts. Part A, for hospital bills, is ‘free’ and supported by the payroll tax, but also has copays and deductibles. Part B, which covers doctor bills, and Part D, which covers prescription drugs, charge monthly premiums. You might also buy private medigap insurance to pick up some costs that Medicare doesn’t cover. Medicare Advantage plans (known as Part C) cover all these health services in their benefit packages. Which should you choose?”

Find out what Jane Bryant Quinn suggests by reading this article in its entirety.

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