” … tinted prescription glasses. And just like that, the bullying miraculously ended.”

“When he was in middle school, something happened to Casanova Frankenstein that happens to a lot of kids. On the bus home from school, another boy started making fun of him. As soon as they got off the bus, the kid sucker punched him right in the face. Frankenstein dragged himself home through the snow and crawled into bed. When his mom came into the room later that night, instead of comforting him, she said, ‘If you ever come into this house again and you lose a fight, I’m gonna get you. You hear me?’

“Winning those fights wasn’t going to be easy. In the early 80s, Frankenstein was a kid trying to make it through school on the South Side of Chicago. He didn’t play sports. And he had what he thought was as an incriminatingly dorky birth name: Albert Melvin Frank III. And he wore glasses — glasses that framed cartoonishly sweet puppy-dog eyes. So given his limited options, he decided he would turn to clothes to save himself.”


Casanova Frankenstein started wearing dark glasses as a defense against bullies. That was decades ago. But he’s still wearing them.

Read this NPR.org article (“Invisibilia: Do His Sunglasses Keep Him From Seeing The Light?”) in its entirety here.


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