“U.S. has a model for cost-effective high quality health care. | How do we get Washington to expand it?” – Just Care

“The VA health system: Best in class and under fire”


by Diane Archer | Just Care

“Some might say with good reason that the Veterans’ Health Administration or the ‘VA’ health system is best in class–indeed, Phillip Longman, senior editor at the Washington Monthly, has written extensively about the VA, calling it ‘The best care anywhere.’ The VA offers a national health care system with the government owning most of its care facilities and employing its 311,000 doctors and other staff. What makes the VA system so good and why is it under fire?

“The VA system is the largest health care system in the U.S., covering 6.7 million veterans through a network of about 150 hospitals and more than 800 outpatient clinics. Different veterans are eligible for different levels of coverage, with veterans who were engaged in combat eligible to get the highest level of coverage. The VA does not charge a premium for coverage, but depending upon the nature of their service and injuries, veterans may pay copays. Copays tend to be low for veterans who sustained serious injuries while on active duty and are unable to find employment. Copays can be quite high for other veterans.

“The VA has been praised as a model for delivery of integrated care for people with complex and costly conditions.”

Read this Just Care article in its entirety here.

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