“Geriatric ERs Reduce Stress, Medical Risks For Elderly Patients” – Kaiser Health News

geriatric- er - Kaiser“Elsie Castellanos, 77, gets checked by the ER doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York on May 24, 2016. She came in to the geriatric emergency room with abdomen pain.” –  (Heidi de Marco/KHN)

by Anna Gorman & photos by Heidi de Marco | Kaiser Health News

“NEW YORK — The Mount Sinai Hospital emergency room looks and sounds like hundreds of others across the country: Doctors rush through packed hallways; machines beep incessantly; paramedics wheel stretchers in as patients moan in pain.

“‘It’s like a war zone,’ said physician assistant Emmy Cassagnol. ‘When it gets packed, it’s overwhelming. Our sickest patients are often our geriatric patients, and they get lost in the shuffle.’

“But just on the other side of the wall is another, smaller emergency room designed specifically for those elderly patients.

“Patients like Hattie Hill, who is 105 years old and still living at home. A caregiver brought her in one rainy day in late spring because she had a leg infection that wasn’t responding to antibiotics. Hill, who also has arthritis and a history of strokes, said she prefers the emergency room for seniors because she gets more attention.”

Continue reading this article in its entirety at Kaiser Health News.

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