“Retiring On Social Security Alone What’s it like to live on just social security?” – Grandparents.com

living on social security

“Barbara Woodruff of St. Louis shares her story, and it may surprise you.”

“No doubt you’ve heard politicians and pundits debating the state of social security, and throwing out all kinds of numbers. But the bottom line for retirees has always been simple: Will I get enough to live on?

“Barbara Woodruff, of St. Louis, MO, can answer “yes,” to that question, but just barely. ‘It’s very difficult living on social security,’ says the 65-year old, who retired when she turned 62. Having lost her job as a cashier as well as her apartment and car in the recession, and being unable to find another job, the single retiree felt she had little choice but to retire in order to have an income. Her total social security benefit : $633 a month.

“According to the Social Security Administration, Woodruff is far from alone.”

Click here to read this article at Grandparents.com in its entirety.

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