“Death Cafe: Talk about dying and eat cake, too” – The Mercury News (San Jose, CA)

by Jessica Yadegaran | The Mercury News

“As Chet Baker’s ‘Songs for Lovers’ plays softly in the background, adults sip chai tea and nibble on homemade lemon bars at Art du Jour, an art gallery and education space in downtown Santa Cruz. It’s a bright and cozy setting, from the wildflower arrangements to the warmth of the wood-burning oven.

“It’s the perfect place for these 30 strangers to talk about death and dying.

“‘When I’m ready to go, I know what to do,’ says Jack Selk, 92, standing up to address the crowd, his eyes wide and intense. ‘My body will go to Stanford, and I’ll be with my wife again. I’m not scared.’

However, many of us are. While death is inevitable, discussions about it are often taboo in American culture. We spend so much of our time chasing youth that when death approaches, too few of us have practical plans for it, not to mention spiritual ease.”

Read this Mercury News article in its entirety – click here.


The Pennsylvania Link to Aging and Disability Resources partners’ networks in Lancaster County and Lebanon County have scheduled Death Cafés in September.

Each of these events is FREE – but reservations are needed. For questions or to reserve your seat at the table: email – blllink@mail.com or text or call 717.380.9714.

You can find more about the Pennsylvania Link to Aging and Disability Resources | Berks – Lancaster- Lebanon Service Area HERE.

You can find more about Death Cafés HERE.


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