“Failure to Improve Is Still Being Used, Wrongly, to Deny Medicare Coverage” – The New York Times

medicare-highest-pointEdwina Kirby, right, with her daughter Deanna at home in Livonia, Mich. After a fall that broke Edwina’s leg, the Kirbys spent about $100,000 out of pocket on a nursing facility and on at-home care afterward. Laura McDermott for The New York Times

by Paula Span | The New York Times

“Edwina Kirby was having a hard time. She had tripped over a rug in her home in Livonia, Mich., and the fall broke a femur. After she had surgery and rehabilitation, an infection sent her back into the hospital. Her kidneys failed, requiring dialysis; she was also contending with diabetes and heart disease.

“By the time she entered Glacier Hills Care and Rehabilitation Center, a nursing facility in Ann Arbor, ‘she couldn’t even feed or dress herself,’ said her daughter Deanna Kirby, 55. ‘She was basically bedridden.’

For months, physical therapists worked with Mrs. Kirby, a retired civil servant who is now 75, trying to help her regain enough mobility to go home. Then her daughter received an email from one of the therapists saying, ‘Edwina has reached her highest practical level of independence.’”

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