“Bigger than Schwarzenegger: Bodybuilding legend’s life ends in Harrisburg creek” – PennLive

pettisClick on the photo to watch the Youtube video.

by Ivey DeJesus | PennLive

“The world marveled at the size of his gargantuan arms and chest.

“At the peak of his physical prowess, Bill Pettis was known for having the biggest biceps in the world – bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s.

“Pettis, like the future film star and governor, was a bodybuilding fixture on California’s Venice Beach, an attraction of sorts to the 16 million people who visit the Pacific Ocean stretch.

“There, thousands of miles away from his Harrisburg home, Pettis belonged to a fraternity of men obsessed with pumping iron and fame. People asked him for his autograph and snapped photos of him posing with his ripped muscles.

“But if Pettis’ fame and fortune star twinkled it did so only imperceptibly before its trajectory spiraled towards the abyss of failed sports narratives.

“On Tuesday, Pettis’ journey came full circle – ending in Harrisburg, where it had started, his days on the football team at Central Dauphin High School helping to stoke his obsession with fitness.

“His body was found along Spring Creek near the Greenbelt Parking area in Swatara Township by someone taking a walk.”

Read this article at PennLive in its entirety, click here.

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