“Aging in place – The dilemmas of aging at home” – Philly.com

“Staying in a family home can become a strain for both the elderly and their adult children. Forcing an obstinate parent to move can be wrenching.”

aging-at-homeUnder the watchful eye of her daughter Linda (left), Mary Casavecchia, 87, walks past her bed in the living room of the Northeast Philadelphia house she bought in 1965. – Philly.com

by Stacey Burling | Phillynews.com

The story of Mary Casavecchia and the house she won’t leave began decades ago.

“There was a brief, disastrous marriage to a man who made her heart flutter, then abandoned her. She was on her own, raising two children on a bookkeeper’s pay.

“She never wanted to marry again. When it was time for Linda, her oldest, to go to school, Mary Casavecchia did an unusual thing for a woman in 1965: She bought a rowhouse by herself in Northeast Philadelphia.

“She took the first house she looked at, and she’s still defiantly living in it. It has burnt-orange carpet from the late ’70s on the floors, brown early-American-style wallpaper patterned with eagles on the kitchen walls, rows of old novels on the shelves, and family pictures on the walls.”

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