“Failing the Frail” – Pennlive series on nursing homes in the Commonwealth

This three-part series of reports was published at Pennlive.com.

“Pennsylvania is aging.

“By 2030, the number of Pennsylvanians over 60 is predicted to reach four million – making up nearly a third of the state’s population.

nursing-homeillustration by

“And as Pennsylvania gets older, it’s expected to become more reliant on nursing homes: facilities tasked with taking care of the state’s frailest and most vulnerable citizens.

“But as a six-month investigation by PennLive reporters Daniel Simmons-Ritchie and David Wenner found, too many of the state’s 700 nursing homes are failing the state’s elderly. Pennsylvania has one of the highest rates of bad nursing homes in the nation and dozens of people have died due to care-related mistakes in recent years.”

Bad care leads to dozens of avoidable deaths in Pa. nursing homes

Lawyers, families say regulators overlook avoidable deaths in Pa. nursing homes

Think your nursing home is understaffed? It’s probably worse than it looks

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