The most interesting reading … a website that shares “what it’s really like to get old” topics!


Seniors who’ve not yet discovered the “most interesting” reading we’ve found, might want to check out this exceptional Website authored by Ronni Bennett.

Time Goes By | What it’s really like to get old is exceptional in the breadth of topics that are highlighted. You just want to click through on the news snippets.

The topics in the graphic above are from the October 29 post.

From the wonderfully entertaining “Please re-elect Gerald” election ad that “features the wife of Gerald Daugherty who is running for Travis County Commissioner in Texas” to the quite serious pieces on Aleppo and the seniors and drugs “problems such as interactions between drugs, difficulty following directions, problems communicating with health-care providers, and problems getting all the information patients need,” the selections are relevant and topical.

For the past several years we’ve envisioned, as Ronni has (“I want this so bad I can taste it”), this technological advance. Here it is, the finger phone.

finger-phoneThe Website is so exhilarating; it’s got video and audio links and real-life scenarios that seniors will relate to. Take a look at Time Goes By.


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