“Ideas Worth Stealing: Why this program for ex-offenders is working better in rural areas” – Keystone Crossroads

ideas-worth-stealingFile image of Zach Hassinger at an apartment in downtown Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in 2015. Hassinger got the apartment through the Union County Justice Bridge Housing Program, which tries to prevent people on probation or parole from re-offending. (Lindsay Lazarski/WHYY)

“Re-entry programs focused on housing aren’t uncommon, exactly. But it’s rare for local public housing authorities to be involved, and rarer still for them to spearhead the initiatives.

“Union County’s Housing Authority, however, took the lead with the county’s Justice Bridge Housing Program, which subsidizes apartments for select ex-offenders when they’re released from jail. Now in its third year, the program appears to be achieving its aim of reducing recidivism.

“Some other Pennsylvania communities have taken notice and want to start their own, similar initiative. But movement toward implementation thus far has been slow and limited to areas that are rural, like Union County.”

Read this Keystone Crossroads report in its entirety.


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