“Stress may increase risk of dementia for caregivers” – Jus+care


written by Diane Archer

“A Johns Hopkins University, Utah State University and Duke University study found that people caring for spouses with dementia are six times more likely to get dementia than people caring for spouses who do not have dementia. The researchers surmise that caregiver stress may increase the risk of dementia for the caregiver spouses. If so, identifying ways to ease the stress becomes all the more critical.

“The caregiver study was conducted on 1,221 older married couples (2,242 people) over the course of 12 years. Researchers found increased memory loss among caregivers whose spouses had dementia. According to Maria Norton, one of the researchers, ‘We know that the declines in memory we saw were real and persistent, not just a point in time where they weren’t performing well on tests.’”

This article continues at justcareusa.org.

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