“Pets Help People Manage The Pain Of Serious Mental Illness” – NPR

pets.jpgMental illness can be isolating, making the companionship of pets even more precious. – Gary John Norman/Getty Images

“Any pet owner will tell you that their animal companions comfort and sustain them when life gets rough. This may be especially true for people with serious mental illness, a study finds. When people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder were asked who or what helped them manage the condition, many said it was pets that helped the most.

“‘When I’m feeling really low they are wonderful because they won’t leave my side for two days,’ one study participant with two dogs and two cats, ‘They just stay with me until I am ready to come out of it.’

“Another person said of their pet birds: ‘If I didn’t have my pets I think I would be on my own. You know what I mean, so it’s — it’s nice to come home and, you know, listen to the birds singing and that, you know.’

” Many people with serious mental illness live at home and have limited contact … . ”

Read this NPR article in its entirety, click here.


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