“Caring for your aging family member? Our voice-initiated concierge makes it a whole lot easier!”

Here comes help for caregivers!

mrv_banner_2v2Graphic is from the AskMarvee Website -Marvee simplifies and notifies. Sometimes it’s just difficult to do or see what used to be easy. Routine tasks are now a breeze utilizing the one thing most people can easily use… their voice! Verbal commands allow the Marvee user to ask loved ones to call them, send along an I’m OK or hear a digest of the latest family news (just to name a few services). And what a relief for family caregivers to have increased awareness!” Marvee is a care companion and Alexa Skill for the Amazon Echo.

According to Aging In Place Technology Watch: “Tech announcements spew forth, fast and furiously – but most do not help older adults.  Stay tuned and hopeful if you can, to the hundreds of announcements that will pour forth in the coming weeks from The Consumer Technology Association’s CES 2017 – hopefully a number of them focused on or at least interested in the care and/or services related to an aging population – and yes, according to the CDC, if one lives to age 65, life expectancy is unchanged. In the meantime, let’s reflect on 2016, which saw the rise in awareness of future caregiver shortages, shortages in family time, but not shortages in investor money.”

Read more at Aging In Place Technology Watch.

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