“Governor Wolf’s 2017-2018 Budget Address” | “protects programs for seniors and individuals with disabilities

Today, the Governor shared his plans for the 2017-18 spending budget. Click here to read the transcript of the address.

“Today, Governor Tom Wolf outlined a different approach for Pennsylvania’s budget by tackling a $3 billion deficit without raising taxes on families, while protecting schools, seniors, and resources used to battle the opioid epidemic, in addition to creating new tools for manufacturing and small businesses.

“The governor’s budget eliminates the deficit by identifying cuts and savings initiatives in excess of $2 billion, imposing a severance tax, and closing corporate loopholes. Additionally, this budget bolsters education at all levels by increasing support by $209 million, expands efforts to combat the opioid epidemic, protects programs for seniors and individuals with disabilities, and makes new investments in job training.

“Gov. Tom Wolf delivered his budget speech Tuesday, highlighting aspects of his 2017-18 general fund spending plan and how he intends to pay for it.”

To continue reading this news release, “Different Approach for Pennsylvania: Governor Wolf’s Budget Cuts Costs, Protects Education and Seniors,” click here.

To view a PowerPoint of the budget proposal, click here.

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