“My doctor says there’s a guideline for my treatment – but is it right for me?” – The Conversation

my doc saysReviewing guidelines with your doctor is important, because guidelines are just one part of decision making. PHOTO SOURCE:  The Conversation

“Health care guidelines are produced in ever-increasing numbers. The National Guideline Clearinghouse, a U.S.-based public website compiling summaries of “clinical practice” (health care) guidelines, has over 1,000 entries and is updated weekly. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in the U.K. has over 180 clinical guidelines.

“Health care guidelines cover all aspects of medicine, from using aspirin to prevent heart attacks and colon cancer to managing earwax and caring for athletes with concussions.

“Health care guidelines impact policy decisions and care for individuals. Recent research, though, suggests that the public has only a vague understanding of what guidelines are and how they are developed.

“This is consistent with my own experience as a physician studying best practices for patient engagement in guideline development.”

Continue reading this article at The Conversation.

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