“Childhood Trauma Effects Often Persist Into 50s and Beyond” – next avenue

aces economic toll

by Emily Gurnon

“The responses to an open-ended online survey question were heart-wrenching.

“‘Those five years ruined everything. My self-identity is sad, melancholic, shy, retiring and angry… never content or at peace.’

“‘t has hampered me all my working life.’

“‘Problems with relationships with the opposite sex my whole life made me think something was wrong with me.’

“‘I will never know the person I could have become….’

“Lasting Scars of Childhood Sexual Abuse

“All of those comments were made by adult men who had experienced sexual abuse at the hands of clergy, particularly priests, when they were children.”

Continue reading this article at next avenue, click here.

See this article posted here a year ago, “Lebanon County partners’ network FREE Special workshop: “Moving toward trauma-informed care is success” for more about adverse childhood experiences.

“His program included this exceptional (click on the graphic to watch the) “less than 18 minute” TEDTalk.




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