Disability Helper | explore a helpful Website

Here’s a website that can be quite helpful for persons with a disability or caretakers of a someone with a disability.

disability helper

“DisabilityHelpers.net is a place for those with friends or family members who are disabled to get together and share ideas, suggestions and learnings about the challenges and joys of life. Having someone in your life with different abilities offers a unique perspective on things that may seem mundane to others, and we hope that through this collaborative effort we are able to help others see the beauty in the everyday in a new way.

“Many social barriers have already been removed from those with disability, but there is much work yet to be done to allow everyone to be as independent as possible to live, learn and love within their community. Our goal is to provide information for caretakers of those with a disability about healthy living, school, safety, transitions, finding support and independent living.”

And here (thank you, Linda J. for sharing) are some really useful links you may find useful:


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