“The Value of Teaching Patients to Administer Their Own Care” – Harvard Business Review

patient care HBR

“Today, health systems operate on a spectrum of how involved patients are in the delivery of their care. On one end, traditional providers inform patients of their options, make a recommendation, and proceed to deliver care to a relatively passive patient. On the other, patients and their families are engaged in conversations with care teams, discussing goals and creating care plans together — with patients taking a more active role in the decision-making process. Over the past 20 years, health care as a whole has been moving toward the patient-centered care-end of the spectrum. What’s the next step? Care that is truly delivered by patients themselves. A few health systems are blazing this frontier. Judging from the early results, other provider organizations should seriously consider following suit.

“Patient-administered care occurs when providers … ”

Continue reading this Harvard Business Review article here.


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