“Explainer: what is traumatic brain injury?” – The Conversation



“Adam was fortunate to survive a major car accident three years ago. He was in hospital for several months but had no ongoing physical injuries. He looked like he made a full recovery. But he was argumentative, childish, vulgar and his family said he “was not the same person”. Adam had a severe traumatic brain injury.

“What is traumatic brain injury?

“A traumatic brain injury is when the brain is damaged by an external mechanical force, like the type you may have in a car accident, if you fall, play sport or if you are assaulted.

“These injuries are usually in the news when sports players have a concussion; or in relation to drug and alcohol fuelled assaults where a blow to the head results in a damaging, sometimes fatal, fall to the ground (the coward’s punch or king hit).

“Mostly, it’s young adults, particularly men, who are affected. But many elderly people may get a traumatic brain injury when they fall.”

Continue reading this article at The Conversation, click here.

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