“Disability Advocates Fear Impact Of Medicaid Cuts In GOP Health Plan” – NPR

by Elly YudisabilitiesEvan Nodvin, seen here in his Atlanta-area apartment, uses services that are covered by Medicaid. –  Elly Yu/WABE

“Several decades ago, Evan Nodvin’s life probably would have looked quite different.

“Nodvin has his own apartment just outside Atlanta, in Sandy Springs, Ga., which he shares with a roommate, and a job at a local community fitness center. He also has Down syndrome.

“‘I give out towels, and put weights away, and make sure people are safe,’ the 38-year-old says.

“To get to and from work, Nodvin relies on rides from people who are hired to help him. He also has a counselor to help him do daily chores like grocery shopping, cleaning and cooking.

“‘My favorite thing to cook on Wednesdays — I like to cook turkey patties once a week,’ he says. ‘And on Thursdays I make fish, and other days, I make other good stuff like spaghetti.’”

Click here to read this NPR report in its entirety.

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