“Our pursuit of happiness makes us sad” – Futurity.org

“Feeling at times sad, disappointed, envious, lonely—that isn’t maladaptive, it’s human.”

happysad(Credit: brainflakes./Flickr)

“Social pressure to feel happy can actually have the opposite effect–and might contribute to the prevalence of depression–according to recent research.

“‘Depression rates are higher in countries that place a premium on happiness,’ says social psychologist Brock Bastian. ‘Rather than being the by-product of a life well-lived, feeling happy has become a goal in itself. Smiling faces beam at us from social media and happiness gurus flog their latest emotional quick fixes, reinforcing the message that we should aim to maximize our positive emotions and avoid our negative ones.’

“‘If we fail to live up to that, what effect does it have on us?’ asks Bastian, associate professor in the University of Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences.”

Continue reading this article at Futurity.org.


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