“Getting to grips with longevity | Ageing populations could be a boon rather than a curse. But for that to happen, a lot needs to change first” | The Economist

stonesThe Rolling Stones

“‘NO AGE JOKES tonight, all right?’ quipped Sir Mick Jagger, the 73-year-old front man of the Rolling Stones (pictured), as he welcomed the crowds to Desert Trip Music Festival in California last October. The performers’ average age was just one year below Sir Mick’s, justifying his description of the event as ‘the Palm Springs Retirement Home for British Musicians.’ But these days mature rock musicians sell: the festival raked in an estimated $160m.

“There are many more 70-somethings than there used to be, though most of them are less of a draw than the Stones. In America today a 70-year-old man has a 2% chance of dying within a year; in 1940 this milestone was passed at 56.”

Read this article at The Economist in its entirety, click here.

See this related article: “What’s the best age gap in a relationship? – We examine the evidence, from divorce rates to life expectancy.”

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