“The hidden extra costs of living with a disability” – The Conversation

living with a disabilityA woman is escorted from protest opposing cuts to Medicaid in front of Senator Mitch McConnell’s office on Capitol Hill on June 22, 2017. AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

“Disability is often incorrectly assumed to be rare. However, global estimates suggest than one in seven adults has some form of disability.

“The term ‘disability’ covers a number of functional limitations – physical, sensory, mental and intellectual. These can range from mild to severe and might affect someone at any time across the lifespan, from an infant born with an intellectual impairment to an older adult who becomes unable to walk or see.

“What is perhaps less well-known is that studies consistently show that people with disabilities are disproportionately poor. They are more likely to become poor and, when poor, are more likely to stay that way, because of barriers to getting an education, finding decent work and participating in civic life. Taken together, these barriers significantly and adversely impact their standard of living.

“However, a new body of research reveals another major barrier, previously missing from most studies: People living with disabilities also face extra costs of living.”

Continue reading this article at The Conversation, click here.

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