“2017’s Best and Worst States to Grow Old” – Care.com

One can find “best / worst” rankings of all sorts of metrics – here’s the “2017 Best Worst States to Grow Old” report released by Care.com. Pennsylvania’s among “neither the best nor the worst” according to the report which measures “senior care cost and quality of life.”

best worst

“Everyone has a unique vision of growing old. Often times that vision is inextricably linked to a specific city or state—and that’s because where we choose to spend our golden years is often times just as important as how we plan to spend them.

“But the decision about where to live in your later years can be daunting, especially if you’re planning to make a move from your home state. Seniors need to consider everything from affordability to quality healthcare access, long-term care options, a variety of senior care services, and overall quality of life.

“Based on a comprehensive study incorporating senior living community reviews, nursing home costs, elderly well-being assessments and more, Caring.com has assembled its annual list of states that offer the best – and worst — mixture of senior services, affordability, and overall quality of care for seniors.”

See the state ranking and read the complete article at Care.com, click here.

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