“Does Getting Older Mean You No Longer Matter?” – next avenue

“How to remain engaged with the world as children leave and jobs end!”

older relevent

“Becoming less relevant is one aspect of aging that can catch us by surprise. It sneaks up on us. One day we have purpose and the next we feel it slipping away. We retire and our work colleagues get along just fine without us. We raise our kids and they grow up and no longer need us.

“While we can deny the evidence for a while, eventually we’re left to acknowledge the reality. When we feel relevant, we’re connected. We make a difference — to ourselves and others. When we don’t, we suspect that we just don’t matter as much anymore.

“Relinquishing Who We Were

“This sentiment usually occurs at the same time we begin to shed the roles we’ve played in our lives, according to University of Toronto associate professor of sociology, Markus Schafer. And these can be instrumental to our sense of relevance. ‘One of the challenges of aging is the shift in roles that helped define our identity,’ he says.”

Read this article in its entirety at next avenue, click here.

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