“How To Plan A Relaxed Family Conversation About Death” – The Wisdom Daily

Last night there was a Death Cafe at Tellus 360; topics like this came up, because what’s written in this article is a kind of “family death cafe.”

“As the youngest in my family, it’s a reasonable assumption that I’ll be the last one to go. The final go. Yes, I’m talking about death.

“It’s not something anyone in my family ever really discussed. We talk about issues: faith, relationships, dreams and goals, worries and fears. But the biggest fear of all — our own mortality — never seemed to come up.

Talk by breakfast

“That started changing when my parents turned 60. They suddenly began dropping ‘when we’re gone’ into conversations. They asked my sister and I about items we’d like bequeathed to us. It felt weird. I wanted to say, ‘I don’t care about your stuff, Mom; I care about you.’ But I shied away from delving into an unwieldy, uncomfortable topic.

“At first. As I thought about it more, I realized this is a big deal. Our existence is because there is a period at the end of it. Those two bookends of birth and death define our life on earth. We hate talking about death, but it matters — a lot.

Continue reading this article in its entirety at The Wisdom Daily Website.

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