Oral health issues in aging & how to prevent them

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The good habits you developed as a child to help care for your teeth continue to be important throughout your life. But as we age, we become more likely to experience additional oral health issues.

Knowing what these problems are, what they look like, and what you can do to treat or prevent them can help you keep your teeth healthy.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can develop at any age, but older adults are more likely to experience it. The condition can put your gums at serious risk for infection and disease.

Gum disease is more than just an annoyance. It has been directly linked to an increased prevalence of heart disease, although a direct causation has not yet been found. If your gums aren’t healthy, it’s time to take notice.

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Toothwisdom.org is a project of Oral Health America and serves both seniors and their caregivers by teaching about oral health in aging and by connecting individuals with affordable dental clinics.

Oral Health America

Oral Health America (OHA) is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Chicago, with a mission to change lives by connecting communities with resources that increase access to care, education, and advocacy for all Americans, especially those most vulnerable.

Find out more about OHA and our other programs at oralhealthamerica.org.

The Wisdom Tooth Project®

Oral Health America’s older adult program, the Wisdom Tooth Project (WTP), focuses on improving the oral health outcomes of older adults, especially those 65 and older. ToothWisdom.org is one of the strategies outlined within the larger program, and is tailored to older adults and their caregivers to connect them with educational and care resources.

To stay up-to-date about the Wisdom Tooth Project, sign up for our Wisdom Tooth Insider e-updates.


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