Who gets Medicaid in Pennsylvania?

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Older adults and people with disabilities account for 78 percent of state Medicaid spending in Pennsylvania. These are two of the state’s most vulnerable populations, and they oftentimes require more expensive care. Here is a graphic of how Medicaid spending breaks down by population:

w2ho gets medicaid

  • 12 PERCENT are older adults, accounting for 27 PERCENT of spending
  • 18 PERCENT are people with disabilities, accounting for 51 PERCENT of spending
  • 35 PERCENT are children, accounting for 13 PERCENT of spending
  • 8 PERCENT are adults, accounting for 6 PERCENT of spending
  • 27 PERCENT are newly eligible under Medicaid expansion, accounting for 3 PERCENT of spending
Percent of spending values represent fiscal year 2018-19 non-federal share, �including state general, lottery, tobacco funds and augmentations.

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