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Pennsylvania Releases Community HealthChoices Q&A Document.

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services has released a comprehensive Questions & Answers document for Community HealthChoices (CHC). CHC, the commonwealth’s managed long term services and supports program, has been implemented in the southwest region of the state and is scheduled to be rolled out in the southeast in January 2019, followed by the rest of the state in January 2020. The Q&A document is a product of multiple stakeholder events and previous FAQs put together for both providers and participants.

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The CHC Question and Answer Document is searchable and clickable.

For more information about Community HealthChoices click here.



Programs And Benefits For Older Pennsylvanians In Pennsylvania’a Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs Veterans Resource Guide

“May is Older Americans Month. Did you know that the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs’ has an online publication called the Veteran Resources Guide? The Guide, a product of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans Services, is a consolidated listing of programs, benefits and services for veterans and their families offered by state agencies. It specifically contains information from the PA Department of Aging including information on employment, health and wellness, help at home, housing, insurance, legal assistance, prescriptions, and more! ”

Click on the graphic below to download the resource guide as a .pdf format. veterans resource guide

Webinars: an initiative to support programs to end homelessness in Pennsylvania

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Announcing The Disability Collection

People with disabilities make up 20% of the population, but less than 2% of media. To help the media #GetReal, Oath, the National Disability Leadership Alliance, disability leaders, and Getty Images are partnering to create #TheDisabilityCollection with authentic images of people with disabilities.

people with a disability

Learn more at

American Association of People with Disabilities Website

Person-Centered Counseling in Pennsylvania explained


Click here to download the Person-Centered Counseling information sheet as a .pdf format for enlarging and sharing.

To see a presentation on the Pennsylvania Link to Aging and Disability Resources including more descriptive information about Person Centered Counseling, click here. PA Link program

Friday Wrap-Up, May 18, 2018 | a message from the Secretary of Aging


a housing opportunity in Lebanon for veterans

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Aging “normally”

stage of life

Whether we believe there are four, five, six, seven or 12 stages of life, most of us will accept that there is gradient of stages from birth to death.

And this post is about the healthy aging conversation.

This article asks, “Is There Such A Thing As Normal Aging?”

One of our favorite websites, Time Goes By: What it’s really like to grown old asks this: Are You Ageing “Normally”?

This is worth taking time to read.


a real call – minutes ago – masked local number


A few minutes ago, a call from “Homestead Villa” rang on the phone. Note, the absence of the 717 prefix. This often happens with a local call. While our advice is always “DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO THE CALLER IS” we do answer all calls because this is a home office phone for our role of Link coordinator.

The “caller” was one of those annoying voice recordings announcing a FREE something or other. Immediately cleared the call.

Masked SPAM calls are become more and more frequent; getting people to respond to a known local call is part of the scam. The scammers technology is becoming more and more pernicious and sneaky.

The federal and state DO NOT CALL lists are ineffective and apparently the Federal Trade Commission is incapable of putting counter technology into play.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General  is on record as saying, ‘Don’t answer the phone,’ AG Shapiro tells seniors how not to become scam victims.”

So, it appears our most vulnerable populations are being held hostage by technological and seemingly nobody cares enough to stop the hostage-takers.




60 Minutes report | “Opioid epidemic leaving grandparents to raise grandchildren”

“A million children now live with their grandparents primarily due to their parents’ addictions, increasingly because of opioids”

60 minutes

This report is on 60 Minutes right now as this is being posted.

“The growing opioid crisis has been declared a public health emergency. It’s sparked a parallel crisis you rarely hear about: the impact on children neglected by addicted parents. More than one million American children now live with grandparents, primarily because of their parent’s addiction to opioids and other drugs: heroin, crack, meth and alcohol. Grandparents are putting off retirement and plowing through savings to rescue their grandchildren from dangerous situations.

“To see how widespread this is, we went to one of the healthiest states in the country, Utah. Tonight, we’ll introduce you to a few families around Salt Lake City, and meet children, raised in the wreckage of the opioid crisis, getting a chance at a normal life.”

Click here to watch the report and to continue reading this article.