New Center of Excellence drives change to improve diagnosis

The Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority Creates the Center of Excellence for Improving Diagnosis

pa center for excellence

According to the National Academy of Medicine, most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime, sometimes with fatal outcomes. The toll of diagnostic error in the United States is estimated at 40,000 to 80,000 deaths a year.

Through its Center of Excellence, the Authority will provide leadership, guidance, and support for health care facilities and systems, providers, patients, and all interested stakeholders to improve diagnosis throughout the Commonwealth.

The Center of Excellence will focus on the following key objectives while working toward its vision of accurate and timely diagnoses communicated to all patients:

  • Gathering, synthesizing, and sharing information to broaden awareness and knowledge about this complex topic
  • Building partnerships and creating new networks between organizations to accelerate and scale improvements
  • Facilitating the development and implementation of novel solutions and inspiring healthcare providers and patients to work together to strengthen the diagnostic process

For more information about the Center of Excellence for Improving Diagnosis, visit the Center’s website or email



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