“A New Smoking Ban in Public Housing Roils Some Residents” – StateLine

“Public housing tenants are more likely to smoke than people who don’t live in public housing.”

smoking“Larry Curry, left, and Delores Hall, right, light up outside the Barge Highrise senior housing complex in Atlanta, Georgia. A new nationwide ban on smoking in public housing has them hopping mad — and relegated to smoking at a nearby bus stop.” – The Pew Charitable Trusts

“ATLANTA — It’s August here, which means things are hot, verging on swampy. And it’s cigarette break time, which means the denizens of the Barge Road Highrise senior housing complex are both hot and cranky. Really cranky.

“The source of their ire: Thanks to a new nationwide ban on smoking in public housing, they can no longer light up in the air-conditioned privacy of their own homes. Instead, as Atlanta Housing Authority tenants, they’re now relegated to the steamy outskirts of the property — to be precise, the MARTA bus stop, where a cluster of them are now huddled.

“So yeah, they’re mad.”

Continue reading this article at StateLine, click here.


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