Aging can be difficult to handle, even for “rock stars.”

This Los Angeles Times article, “Tom Petty’s death is still a hard reminder for aging rockers about the downside of life on the road” is a reminder that “continuing to play rock ‘n’ roll at an age when most adults have retired and are collecting Social Security checks is not easy.”

aging rockers“Rocker Tom Petty at his home in Southern California in 1985. (Iris Schneider/Los Angeles Times)”

Everything and everyone grows old; what’s important to know is that as things and people age, good advice is that the process can be managed with accommodation and understanding.

The article stresses the understanding and accommodation that some rock stars use. Garth Brooks says, “Tell them, ‘I feel really old tonight.’”

“Willie Nelson did call off several shows this year after coming up short of breath during a concert in San Diego.”

Try to remember, that was then and this is now. And then isn’t likely to come back without accommodation. 

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