“Am I ‘Old’? | As with beauty, the meaning of ‘old’ depends on the person you ask.” – The New York Times

am I oldCreditStuart Bradford

by Steven Petrow

“A few years ago at a college reunion, I listened transfixed as the silver-haired philanthropist David Rubenstein urged us “to accelerate” as we entered the last chapters of our lives. Pick up the pace? So many of my contemporaries were stopping — if not stooping — to smell the roses.

“With his admonition in mind, I recently spoke with Mr. Rubenstein, now 69, and asked him if he considers himself old. ‘Sixty-nine seems like a teenager to me,’ he replied. Coincidentally, just a few days earlier, a 68-year-old poet I know, in between surgeries to help her mend after a fall, told me point blank, ‘I am an old lady now.’

“What makes one sexagenarian identify as old when another doesn’t? And what is ‘old,’ anyway?”

Read this article in its entirety at The New York Times.

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  1. Robert J. Pettit | Reply

    Your story about ” Am I Old?”….. I never felt old until at age 71 (30 Months ago) I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Then I felt VERY old. I took a few days to deal with the thought of my immortality and then decided that I was not going to let an illness define me. I now ignore age as a measuring stick and I make the most of each day. I still enjoy LIFE and appreciate it even more. I was lucky to have discovered the illness at a very early stage. I can still do most things that I want to do. I can’t jog a 15 min mile… but I am not sure that I ever could. Live Life, I like the opinion of one of your responders…..Old Age starts tomorrow…every day.


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