“Following Prince Philip’s car crash, how many elderly drivers are on the road?” – The Guardian

“The 97-year-old duke’s driving skills have received scrutiny after his recent crash – but how many people around his age have licenses in the US and UK?”

drivers by age“In the US, there are more women than men who have licenses in each age group the Department of Transportation collects data on. Illustration: Mona Chalabi

by Mona Chalabi

Two women were left injured after a car crash with the Duke of Edinburgh earlier this month. The baby that was traveling with the women escaped injury, as did the 97-year-old prince.

“One of the women, who broke her wrist in the collision, said she had hoped for an apology from the royal family but instead received a message from a police family liaison officer that said: ‘The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh would like to be remembered to you.’

“Two days later, Prince Philip was seen driving without a seatbelt.”

Read this article at The Guardian in its entirety.

“Pennsylvania has over 1.9 million licensed drivers aged 65 and older who make up 21 percent of the driving population.” – Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Annual Report, 2016

mv_deaths_per_100_per_by_age_16“Motor Vehicle Deaths Per 100,000 Persons By Age, 2016” – Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

“Background on | Older drivers”– Insurance Information Institute



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