What you should know about Pennsylvania “Estate Recovery Plan.”

Pennsylvania’s “Estate Recovery Program allows the commonwealth to recover Medical Assistance payments from the estate of an individual who was 55 years of age or older when they started receiving nursing facility services or home and community-based services. These payments must have been provided on or after August 15, 1994, the effective date of the Act.”

“Established under federal law, this program requires the Department of Human Services to recover the Medical Assistance costs from the estates of individuals who have died. Repayment is required for the amount the state paid, even if the individuals paid part of the bill themselves or through insurance. If an individual 55 years of age or older received certain Medical Assistance benefits and dies, the department will reimburse the Medical Assistance program by recovering these costs from the assets of the person’s estate. An estate exists when a person dies and his or her assets are distributed by will or state law. All monies collected by the Medical Assistance Estate Recovery Program are returned to the Department of Human Services’ long-term care programs to assist others in need of long-term care services.”

estate recovery program

Click on the graphic to download the Medical Assistance Estate Recovery Plan Program.

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